Pretentious Billionaire allocates 1% of Net worth to Bitcoin.

Rest in peace BTC, you fought the good fight.

Bitcoin was techy and cool when it began. I remember installing and configuring CGminer on my laptop to mine Bitcoin back in 2013.

What is with these uber wealthy assholes only now seem to understand what money is. A store of value is critical to us blue collars, but someone with $5 Billion net worth doesn’t need to give a shit. Allocating 1 or 2 % of a Billion dollars means nothing, so just STFU. They could lose 90% of their net worth and still have $100 Million left over. Big Fuck’n deal Hedge funds.

It is both amazing and comical how these greedy bastards all come out of the wood work after the hard work and most of the risk has already been allocated to the geeks and surfs who coded and mined in their basements with true belief that some day they might have a small piece of the global wealth pie.

Well, looks like 2020 is the year that the Wall Street and the Hedge funds fuck that all up. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but my guess is Wall Street will destroy Bitcoin due to the fact that Bitcoin is fair and Wall Street doesn’t play in anything they can’t manipulate to their advantage. Rest in peace BTC, you fought the good fight.